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How To Find SEO & AdWords Clients

Find More SEO & AdWords Clients

  • Update my website for my consulting firm, submit my business information to local citation directories (which Google trusts these days) and try to rank not only as high up in Google as possible for local long tail keywords but attempt to rank in as many spots on Google’s front page as possible.
  • Scour employment websites specifically searching for consultants of remote consultants.
  • Update my digital resume regularly and post to LinkedIn, Beyond, Monster, DICE, Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, etc.
  • Search Google for employment sites I have not yet heard about and submit to those.
  • Refresh my online blogs and profiles to provide new and fresh Internet Marketing & SEO content for Google.
  • Search Google for my old phone numbers, email addresses, websites and profile names to find profiles, articles, and blogs I may have completely forgotten about.
  • Email and phone every recruiter from the past who had or offered an opportunity for me.
  • Email and contact everyone in my industry and social networks to catch up with them and see if they know of any opportunities.