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SEO & Adwords [Infographics]

Excellent Search Engine Optimization and Google Adwords Management [Infographics]

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Google AdWords Questions and Answers

Questions I get asked regarding PPC and AdWords.

  • How can I make money from Google Adwords? Hard work, keyword and competitive research and good analytical skills.
  • How do PPC campaigns work? You create campaigns, ad groups and keywords, bid on them, make them as high quality as possible because each element has a Quality Score (QS).
  • How effective is google AdWords? It can be very effective in the right hands.
  • How much do AdWords cost?  However much you are willing to spend and whatever Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) you desire.
  • How much does a google Adwords campaign cost? However much you are willing to spend.
  • How much does AdWords management cost? Some agencies charge 15% of monthly AdWords spend. Outrageous.
  • How much to charge for AdWords management. I charge $25/per hour, others charge less, others charge a lot more.
  • How to contact google AdWords? Google Adwords phone number. 1-866-2GOOGLE


Adwords, Google, Infographics, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

Google AdWords PPC Infographics

A Goldmine of Google AdWords Help

Google Adwords infographics contain PPC help

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