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Best Digital Marketing Infographics I’ve Seen So Far In 2015

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SEO Services I Provide

This is the type of SEO opportunity that I am a perfect fit for and can really sink my teeth into:

A growing Internet marketing company for search engine optimization and social media services, offering many creative services for building popularity on major search engines and creating buzz through social media channel development.​ We work with both product and service websites, implementing a variety of solutions for small to large businesses, and have some of the most competitive generic terms in top placement for our existing clients.​ We are currently seeking a full-time SEO and Social Media Marketing Specialist in house with 2 to 3 years of experience.​

The candidate for this position will have to be a creative, self motivated person that can be flexible in his or her writing skills for multiple topics, build effective metadata through keyword research, and be able to meet deadlines for current and new client marketing agendas: Building and managing social media campaigns, creating blog reviews, tweeting and posting to Facebook, and managing Pay Per Click campaigns.​ The individual should be able to multitask, to interact with clients at a very fast pace, and to help build an infrastructure for our company to run off of as we grow our client base.​

Responsibilities Will Include:

  • Press release writing
  • Blog writing
  • Being able to write multiple articles on the same topic
  • Development of effective linking strategies
  • Write product details for e-commerce websites
  • An understanding of Google analytics
  • Build effective keyword research
  • Develop applications for Facebook
  • Social media marketing skills for both Facebook and Twitter
  • Create custom reporting through Google Analytics for clients
  • Build creative metadata for search engines
  • Work in Excel spreadsheets
  • Work with Microsoft Word and Notepad
  • Strong client interaction on all SEO and social media topics
  • Check all materials before submitting them for website implementation.​
  • Able to work directly with clients and deliver
  • Work within WordPress back ends
  • Basic HTML skills
  • Must be a team player and able to meet deadlines