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Local SEO & Google’s Gift To Small Businesses Owners

Unknown To Many Local SEO Is Hot!!

Google loves local SEO. Users find Google’s “Top 3 Map Pack” extremely convenient. A large percentage of Google users query local keywords for goods and services.  Google local search has completely made the Yellow Pages outdated.

The first place to start is to use Google My Business, free service that creates a profile for your business and plays a huge role in local SEO.

The most important thing is to remember when submitting to local directories is to input the same Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) for each listing you create so Google doesn’t get confused.

With local directory submissions, you will find you will not only rank in Google for your own business (hopefully even higher than before) but you will also see results in the “Top 3 Map Pack.” This is because Google trusts qualitative and authoritative local directory and review sites.

Used Google Chrome’s form auto-fill function to make the job much easier. There is a piece of software called Roboform that you need to pay for, but I found that Google Chrome did the trick and worked well enough for me.

Free local citation directories are getting harder to find, but they are still out there.  Now is the time to get your information into their systems. Watch out for spammy local directory clones as they might be a waste of your time and should be avoided.

Once see your local directory business information begin to get indexed by Google it benefits you.

Change-up your business description on most sites to make it unique. Make sure to fully input all the right categories and keywords the citation sources let you.

Do not upgrade for additional services.

Google “free local directories” and find lists like the one below from HubSpot (old but still useful) and Yext.  Only submit to the free ones.

Hope it helps your business.

Niche Directories For Local SEO Citations

1. Google
2. Bing
3. Yahoo!
4. Yelp
5. Merchant Circle
6. LinkedIn
9. Whitepages
10. Supermedia
11. Yellowbook
12. CitySearch
13. Mapquest
14. Biznik
16. Foursquare
17. ThinkLocal
18. CitySlick
19. USYellowPages
20. SuperPages
22. Dex
24. TeleAtlas
25. JustClickLocal
26. Discover our Town
27. Metrobot
28. EZ Local
29. twibs
30. LocalEze
31. Kudzu
32. CityVoter
33. Manta
34. Zipweb
35. MatchPoint
37. Local Site Submit
38. InfoUSA
39. Axciom
40. Infignos
41. Yellow Assistance
42. Get Fave
42. My Huckleberry
43. GenieKnows
44. MojoPages
45. Brownbook
46. Magic Yellow
47. CitySquares
48. TeleAtlas
49. Navteq GPS
50. Judy’s Book Google My Business

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SEO Talents & Skills

Here is a brief listing of my SEO/PPC talents and skills.

  • AdWords Advertising
  • Competitor Research
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Console
  • Increase Website Authority
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Local Citation Directory Listings
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So You Want To Learn SEO? I Teach SEO In Connecticut.

Good for you!  SEO is exciting, nerve-wracking, fulfilling, mind-splitting, scientific, creative and much, much more.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which basically means trying to get your site  as high up in a search engine’s (typically Google’s) rankings as possible to get the most traffic and the highest targeted, converting traffic to your site as possible.

The #1 search engine by far is Google then Bing and Yahoo.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is content.  Users must have a compelling reason to visit your site, stay on your site, link to your site and share your site.  If you do not have good content, put SEO to the side and brainstorm and come up with something that will attract visitors to your site.  It could be anything, but it should be unique, enchanting, mind-blowing, long, new, different, controversial, etc.

Not all webmasters have that unique content the write like they are writing for the National Enquirer but it really helps with SEO to have meaty content because SEO is just techniques used to get your to match keywords and get your content clicked on more, read more, stayed on longer and thus get your content ranked higher.

Google has over 200, 500, 1,000 (changes every hour) factors it uses to rank web pages. Some of these factors are the number of links from strong domains, strong content, even artificial intelligence (RankBrain), the proper keywords in the title and headers and content, human interaction, the number of people who click through Google to get to your site, the number of pages the user reads on your site and how long the user stays on your site or dwells.  Google knows and tracks all of this data.

Like anything else you try to learn in life, learning SEO takes practice, patience, research trial and error.

It is never too late to learn SEO and SEO is always changing. Mark it down.

There are tricks you can use to fool the search engines into ranking you higher, but try to avoid those, those gains are only short term and rarely last the long run.

I am a professional SEO’er and also tutor in my spare time.  If you have questions feel free to ask.  If you’d like individualized tutoring I am available for that too at $30/hour in Connecticut or by Skype.

Start by reading the links I have on this website, they will give you an abundance of information about SEO so you have a solid base before experimenting with your own domain.  Read and learn about SEO and keep reading at every opportunity.  You will find it is not so very complicated yet extremely complicated. LOL.

Get a MOZ trial, read WebmasterWorld, do a Google search for SEO news.

Read my web pages at Connecticut SEO Experts and Connecticut Internet Marketing & SEO. I also recommend getting a or account to begin your SEO journey or jump right in and get your own domain, I’ll teach you that, too.