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AdWords Certified Local SEO Adviser In Connecticut

15 Years Digital Marketing AdWords & SEO Consultant

SEO & Google AdWords Certified Connecticut Consultant

15 years of digital marketing experience implementing SEO and managing Google AdWords campaigns. I hold 8 current Google Certifications including AdWords & Analytics.

Specialize in Local SEO, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, WordPress & SEO Audits. Obtain high ranking and additional traffic from Google. Use my Google AdWords management & optimization skills to turn losing AdWords accounts into profitable ones. 

I charge $50/hour and work on 10-hour retainers. PAY AS YOU GO.  EMAIL ME or phone (860) 659-7135 for a free talk.

SEO Advisor & Local Search Consultant

Google’s stake in local SEO, mobile friendliness, and site-speed provide key opportunities for businesses to increase their rankings and website traffic.

My Local SEO services deliver results in Google’s search engine rankings you require to grow and expand your business. I can optimize your site’s SEO structure for local SEO, get you into the Google Top 3 “Map Pack” and submit your business to trusted Local Citation SEO Directories and Aggregators.

A website needs SEO both on-page and off-page. A website must be mobile-friendly. Users search Google more on their mobile device than their PC with estimate putting mobile search at 60%.

Websites must be fast with navigation organized properly with lengthy content to please a visitor’s skimming eye so they will stay on your website and consume your content toward an ultimate conversion.

Google changes its algorithm about several hundred times per year (8 times a day!!) and there are over 600+ ranking factors.

Google AdWords Account Management

My Google AdWords skills have been refined by managing over 60 accounts over 14 years. I am Google Ads certified in Search, Display, Mobile, Video, Shipping, Google My Business & Analytics. I  create effective ads, find untapped keywords, and optimize Google AdWords keywords, bids and ads. I’ve managed an account with a $100,000 monthly. I improve results by raising Quality Scores.  I use 3rd party Google AdWords tools that provide expert insight into accounts and management strategies.  Current on new AdWords features. 8 Current Google Certifications.

SEO, Local, Mobile, and Google AdWords will will continue to have explosive growth in the years to come.

EMAIL BOB or phone (860) 659-7135 for a free talk.



Adwords, Google, Google Ads, Google Adwords, Keyword Research, Local SEO, On-Site SEO, SEO, WordPress

SEO and Google AdWords Certified Consulting CT


 SEO & Google AdWords Consultant

14 Years Of Digital Marketing Experience

8 Current Google Certifications



I charge $50/hour for SEO or Google AdWords services.

I work on 10-hour retainers.

No agency-style long-term locked-in contracts. 

Google, Google Ads, Google Adwords

Google Ads Freelance Consultant CT

Google AdWords Consultant In Connecticut

Google AdWords (now Google Ads) enables you to bring shoppers to your website and products at the moment they have decided to make a purchasing decision. Google’s PPC advertising platform, AdWords, is highly effective and extremely measurable. AdWords has been the industry leader for over 15 years and has many methods to bring highly targeted traffic directly to your website landing pages. Google makes it easy for you to begin driving traffic to your products and spend money on paid search advertising immediately.

Google AdWords Services

Before you begin your journey into AdWords and online advertising you just may want to hire a professional to guide you in the correct direction. I have over twelve years of experience managing Google AdWords accounts, campaigns, ads, keywords, and budgets. I have managed 100’s of accounts big and small including a gigantic account that has a $100,000 monthly budget. I am Google AdWords Certified which means I have to take and pass two AdWords tests each year. I charge $50/hour to manage, optimize and provide recommendations about AdWords accounts. I feel that is abundantly fair as there are many agencies or consultants who will not only take a large monthly fee but also bill you for a 2-3% of your monthly AdWords spend. Do yourself a favor and shop around for the best AdWords provider for you.

AdWords Campaign Creation

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AdWords Account

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PPC Spend Optimization

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PPC Keyword Optimization

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PPC Bidding Strategy

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PPC Conversion Optimization

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AdWords PPC Management

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