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Connecticut AdWords Manager | Google AdWords & SEO Infographics

Google Adwords & Search Engine Optimization Infographics

Nice assortment of Google AdWords and SEO Infographics


I very much enjoy reading SEO infographics. I find this way of learning easier to scan than plain text and is conducive to a much faster learning process than video for me.

The combination of excellent information with visually stunning graphics makes it so easier for me to learn almost everything needed to become an expert in Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, Google AdWords, Content Management, WordPress SEO, Site Speed & Plug-Ins including loads of terrific information about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and Google SEO Ranking Factors.

Many people put great effort into creating these data-filled works of art and we are very lucky to have easy access.  There are so many great infographics in just about any niche imaginable.

Be sure to check out my boards on Of course, if you cannot find the time to sift through all 5,000 to learn new skills, I am available on a freelance consulting basis to perform SEO, AdWords, Content Management or Social profile building for you and your business. UDEMY is great too when they put courses on sale for $10.


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Insane Number Of SEO [Infographics]

Insane Number Of SEO [Infographics]

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Google AdWords Questions and Answers

Questions I get asked regarding PPC and AdWords.

  • How can I make money from Google Adwords? Hard work, keyword and competitive research and good analytical skills.
  • How do PPC campaigns work? You create campaigns, ad groups and keywords, bid on them, make them as high quality as possible because each element has a Quality Score (QS).
  • How effective is google AdWords? It can be very effective in the right hands.
  • How much do AdWords cost?  However much you are willing to spend and whatever Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) you desire.
  • How much does a google Adwords campaign cost? However much you are willing to spend.
  • How much does AdWords management cost? Some agencies charge 15% of monthly AdWords spend. Outrageous.
  • How much to charge for AdWords management. I charge $25/per hour, others charge less, others charge a lot more.
  • How to contact google AdWords? Google Adwords phone number. 1-866-2GOOGLE